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HELP !!!

Here is another very well though out and very well stated post sent to me by a friend.

Scott Douglas Lemoine posted to Rev. Jake

Ok, let’s just assume that the small fraction of the population who's actually responsible for 'injecting' unnecessary contaminants into our present environment, are as helpless when it comes to refusing their orders as the rest of us. The intentional manipulation of our consciousness via the media and chemicals that adulterate and suppress our minds and bodies has been taking place for generations. So let's address the situation for what it is, and try to quit making everything personal, as if someone else is more to blame for promoting this level of ignorance than we are for tolerating it. I realize that there's a little 'white speck' on top of this pile of chicken shit, but they are just chicken shit (people) too. If I had a voice or was in a position to represent the people I love right now, I would pick something that your state representative is presently unwilling to acknowledge, and assemble enough people to demand a conversation on the issue.
I don't think it would be illegal to put one of our 'representatives' in a situation where they had to address 'the obvious'. Let's say for example, you are able to establish an open televised line of communication with ONE of these people (pick a 'friendly'), and after discussing the situation, that senator or congressman agree with your group, that 'this' particular situation is totally unacceptable. Not as in, we need to set up an oversight committee to look into the situation, more like, this shit is killing OUR families and it's not impossible to work together on how to make it STOP - NOW. Let that person decide who to call upon next. I'm sure there is protocol set up so our representatives know who to call, just in case the day ever comes where they have to REPRESENT the people in their district instead of pacifying them. Who would they call? Who would listen to and be willing to respond in person instead of launching an ICBM in response? I realize most people would chuckle at the thought of addressing the drug corporation’s domination of our FOOD supply because it's 'business as usual', but is there any greater threat to national security, or a larger 'state of emergency' than an infiltrated food supply? Janet Jackson's nipple was offensive enough to establish a time delay on every live broadcast, while our families getting RAPED in broad daylight -all day- every day- by 'whomever' is willing to accept responsibility for the contents of our food supply.. is totally irrelevant. I understand people's frustration, especially when you see so many ignorant decisions being made concerning our present and future, and 'prosperity' in this country has about as much chance to flourish as a fart in a windstorm. And all you hear from others is 'there's nothing you can do about it', but there IS something you can do about it. Look at it like this... if you can assemble ONE CHURCH, or ONE SCHOOL of thought that was driven to accomplish ONE small goal... like NOT adding fluoride to your state's water supply, or NOT allowing 'geoengineering' in your state... what else can you change? You have to start somewhere.
Ultimately, any kind of 'movement' or change that will have a positive effect on this country as a whole, will also affect the rest of the world. And that's the thing. WHO are you going to find to lead this removal of 'widgets' from our food supply campaign? All the church folks I've talked to say it's up to God to take care of everything, and doing God's work seems to be borderline sacrilegious, which has become a tremendous obstacle for me. HOW are you going to motivate people to understand that nothing in the world is more relevant than 'securing' our food and water supply? (I've been a miserable failure at that so far.) What kind of opposition and/or imprisonment will you fear and possibly encounter for DEMANDING A CONVERSATION? What if your local representative, the local police and sheriff dept, the VFW and the Legion hall were all on your side? I mean, who would argue against people who ‘rise up’ to address an issue that has a negative effect on each and every one of us? If you started to establish a VOICE, would the USG try to snuff you out? Who would they send? If one or more of the states ‘representatives’ were involved as well as every swinging stick with a badge and a gun was providing security.., who would get arrested, and what crime would they be charged with for DEMANDING A CONVERSATION about an issue that NONE of our representatives have addressed so far. Obviously any kind of 'event' like this would need to be broadcast and streamed to as many sources as possible.
I have this fantasy, I’m sure at least half of the federal psychologist and psychiatrist who labeled me in the past as delusional for believing a portion of the toxins in our food supply are malicious would call me delusional again… but here it goes. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, when it comes to matters that affect WHO has access to food and WHAT kind of chemicals will be added to their food supply… every conversation involving whomever may be charged with the responsibility to NURTURE LIFE, should be recorded, documented, and made available to the general public immediately. People in a position to make decisions for ‘the masses’ should damn well acknowledge how many people will potentially suffer and die due to their choices, because THAT”S what all of those decisions are supposed to be based upon! To me it just seems like out of all the ignorant shit we are presently tolerating, that the contents of our food and water should be at the forefront of EVERYBODY"S mind, but it's not. This is one of the few issues that have an adverse effect on every single one of us, and no matter what happens in the future.. whether it be a solar flare, economic collapse, martial law, or whatever disaster you're anticipating... if nothing is done NOW to acknowledge and address the intentional contamination of our food air and water sources, wtf is there to live for? What portion of the ‘republic’ demands more attention than ending and hopefully learning from the malicious demented experiment WE ARE ALL subjects of? If you could establish a ‘recognizable’ voice and determine the best route to exposing the TRUE results, would those ‘mad scientist’ unleash a bubonic plague in your zip code? Other than science possibly retaliating against you for acknowledging this experiment, who or what would you have to fear?? besides blind ignorance among the masses? I don’t know that answer, other than feeling like it’s a legitimate concern.
Anyway, my mailbox is unoccupied as usual with people willing to discuss how to save our families, or save this nation, or save the world. If any of you fine folks ever get tired of pissing and moaning and pointing the finger of blame in everybody else’s direction, you now have at least one suggestion on how to change the world if you know anybody else willing to assume that kind of responsibility. If I walked into your house and punched your child in the face, most of you would scour the Earth to seek revenge. If you found out that drug dealers had been sneaking into your house and injecting your child with crack or heroin, it would inspire a similar reaction. But when it comes to KNOWING your entire family is eating from an intentionally ‘tainted’ food supply, compliments of the drug dealers who regulate food safety in this country… there’s nothing you can do about it. It might take a long time for most of you to understand that all of the horrible shit happening in the world right now, especially in this country, is the result of women & children not having a voice… so the opportunity and obligation to establish one should be a task we are all willing to assume. Don’t be scared, you really have nothing to lose.
Via con dios!

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  • Nancy Beam " All the church folks I've talked to say it's up to God to take care of everything, and doing God's work seems to be borderline sacrilegious, which has become a tremendous obstacle for me. " The church people need to remember that God's works are usually done 'through' them and other people...and ask them if they don't oppose the evil-doers trying to do God's work their own way??? just sayin..
  • Frances Hollander Very well said, sharing now, & searching for that "starting place" in me...
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  • Rev. Jake Slayer I believe in God, I have faith in God. But, I am not going to hide behind the Bible and wait for God to fix everything. If you have faith in God, he will have faith on you and what you do to help others.
  • Ed Collins "Faith without Works is Dead".
  • Ed Collins Hmmm, where have I read that before???
  • David McSwain First off I would like to say that Scott’s well written statement is very valid. After reading the full statement and understating the moral of which he is expressing his interest in I fully appreciate Scott’s concern. 

    We all take in some kind of poison from our food each and every day. One good example that comes to mind quickly for me is the hormones that are held within the meat that we purchase in the supermarkets. The government allows beef and poultry farmers to add a specified amount to the feed for quicker growth of the animal. They also add antibiotics in the food the animal eats so that they are healthier. Are these additives good for us? Well the FDA says there are, but how do we know? We may not know for perhaps 30 to 40 more years. With any consumable product on the market there is always a risk. We are all a gene pig. The FDA doesn’t really know what the long term effects are with these supplements. 

    I will give one example of what I see in our youth. Look how quickly the young are maturing now days. Young men 15, 16 years old with full beards. I am not talking about that one exception when us older folks where in high school when your friend grew facial hair before the other young men did. Take a look at the young ladies nowadays, look how fast they are maturing, I am not talking about their minds, and I will let it go at that. How do you think the youth of today are maturing at an alarming rate? It is what they are eating.

    When talk of the cloning of steers was on the news a while back the FDA said the packaging did not have to be marked as cloned beef. The FDA said that cloning is perfectly safe. Well I don’t know about you folks, but I really don’t want to eat cloned beef. If it is not born naturally I don’t want anything to do with it. 

    Let’s take a little more from Scott’s statement. Can we get enough local organizations to voice their concerns about what is in our food? I would have to say yes; if enough people where to nicely talk with say your VFW, fire departments, legions, and any other groups that are for the good of the many we could get support. As one standing alone I seriously doubt that anything is going to get accomplished. 

    The larges hurdles that have to jump are, who do you turn to after others in the public understand the concerns of the additives in the food we eat. Let’s say you get 10 organizations that have 30 people in each. One person now has 300, and the next person gets 300 and so on. Where do you go from there? The FDA perhaps, I do not have the answer to the question. 

    With the recent scandals in Washington the public can’t get truthful answers about those concerns. I am highly skeptical that we can get honest true answers as to what is really in the food that most Americans eat each and every day. 

    As you said Scott we have nothing to lose by voicing concerns, and I would be more then will to discuss these concerns with you, and help address the issue at hand if I can. 

    God bless,
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine Thanks Dave! I guess the answer to your question of where to go from there, would depend on the people who actually get involved. It's not really a decision that could or should be made before you understand how much , and what kind of support you're going to get from others. The most important thing would be how you respond to the local and possible state wide opposition you might encounter along the way. I really can't imagine a large group of people would rise up to oppose exposing whoever takes credit for treating us like lab rats, but it would probably be smart to completely ignore that mentality. Generally speaking, if the local police and sheriff dept. were willing to escort you, I would go to one of the town hall meetings that are taking place NOW, or if you want to be super polite, call the local state representatives office and say "I've got 300 people that want to discuss something 'critical' with you either before, during, or after your next scheduled public appearance. Give them a choice and a day or two to do a little research so they can't claim ignorance on the subject. My perception of how to solve all of this basically involves a sit down conversation about ONE thing. Food security... and every word of that conversation from day one, must be documented and transmitted. Once you start that conversation with 300 people, it's going to be a lot harder for your local 'representatives' to ignore you... and whoever you do get to sit down and discuss this with you, will be much more likely to 'phone a friend' instead of trying to pass the buck.
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine If you find 300 people passionate about addressing the contents of our food supply, the rest of your problems will be a cake walk after that.
  • David McSwain Thanks Scott, that gives me ideas, now I just have to get the people to join me so the question can be answered.
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine Here's a good example ... In this article about public outrage of a rodeo clown wearing a CLOWN mask during a performance, you've got a comment from U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, Gov. Jay Nixon and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.... all with something to say on this critical issue. Approx. 35 of our own veterans have committed suicide, and I'm guessing 10 times that many children in this country died from diseases linked to known toxins in our food supply since this 'news worthy' event Saturday night.

    Fallout continued Monday over the performance of a rodeo clown who donned a mask...See More
  • Carol Houchin My Grandma's favorite saying was, "God helps those who Help Themselves." In other words, HE will not do it FOR you - but WITH you!
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine Oh well Rev. I really appreciate you for posting this. I sent it to over a dozen other 'patriotic' sites and it hasn't met any of their approval. I have a major surgery to get done and after that hopefully I'll be able to find the balls to go kick in some church doors or something. All I'm doing on this computer is compromising my security. Hopefully at least one of you will soon learn how hard it is to have an honest conversation with others about promoting your own salvation. Instead of being disgusted by others lack of interest.... I try to see it as a testament to the effectiveness of the drugs in your food water and air. Good luck to you folks if you choose to live in the meantime... I won't give up.
  • Brad K Williams So many people awake! For a while there i was worried! Now its time to fight!
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine At this point it would be great if anybody could assemble enough people to demand a conversation so they can beg for help.
  • Brad K Williams You know about September 9 right?
  • Brad K Williams Hundreds of thousands of patriots most pissed of and armed are going to dc to take our country backs
  • Brad K Williams That's the info
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine Ain't gonna happen.
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine 11
    If we wish to fight, the enemy can be forced to an engagement even though he be sheltered behind a high rampart and a deep ditch. All we need do is attack some other place that he will be obliged to relieve. #Tu Mu says: "If the enemy is the invadin
    ...See More
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine Make them come to YOU, and sit down and TALK - eye to eye, on your level.
  • Scott Douglas Lemoine “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” Sun Tzu

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